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Investor Ready?

I help early-stage companies and organisations to raise the investment they need so they can grow, develop, and scale.
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Why is it important to be Investor Ready?

Maximize your chances of securing investment
You only get one chance to make a good first impression. By making your offer attractive, you maximize your chances of getting a response, feedback and investment.
Better Deal for you and your business
Generate enough interest to secure your preferred investment, partner on terms that work for you and your business.
Access to High Profile Angels and VCs
With a choice of investors, you can attract smart money from investors that match your mission, values and add significant value to your venture.

How I can help you to fundraise

Whether you are at the idea stage or in the process of raising funds, I believe that my resources, direct support and events can positively impact your fundraising.
stage 1


The assessment starts with a two-week discovery process. The key objective of this stage is to identify your business strengths and weaknesses and how investors perceive your business.

The assessment gives us a clear picture of how investors perceive your business in the fundraising process and provides the following steps to maximize your chances of securing the investment.

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stage 2


I work with your team to strengthen your business proposition, including investment collateral, pitch-deck, investor pipeline, pitch, and outreach strategy.

I make sure that your fundraising is consistent and structured across all sectors and you feel confident presenting your business in front of investors, partners and associates.

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stage 3


Investors outreach starts with distributing your investment collateral through my investment platform, to network of Angels, VCs and partners.

I also help you manage your investors' pipeline, offering warm introductions and ongoing support.

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stage 4


Join Live Investment Pitch Events and promote your venture to a broader community of investors and decision-makers.

Events are live-streamed on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook, potentially seen by more than 10.000 people.

It is an excellent opportunity to receive live feedback from investors and audiences, get new users for your product, and widen your reach.

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How Artur helped us get Investor Ready

"(...)The challenge that we faced is in getting in front of the right people and being able to present our idea to investors.

Artur helped us through providing feedback on a pitch and then also helping us get in front of the right investors."
Benjamin Draper
Co-Founder at Famli
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