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Driven by Innovation Pushed by Parents
CyberStroller is the world’s first multi-terrain smart stroller. Designed and developed by inventor Stephen Senior and his team of world-class product designers and engineers, he recognised that the performance of a stroller could be radically improved through innovative technology. Stephen decided to reinvent the stroller for a generation of new parents, raised on technology, looking for an intelligent stroller that fits seamlessly with their world of increasingly smart homes, cars and workplaces.
Project Outcomes
  • £512,000 secured in investment
  • Letter of Intent for up to 30k units from Dorel Juvenile
  • Design for manufacture with the world’s largest stroller company
  • President of a global consumer product giant joined the team.
Size of the round
The Challenge
CyberStroller needed further investment to continue its journey of disrupting the industry.
“We had a bold vision to completely reshape the baby stroller industry with our product. We knew there was a significant gap in the market and had the utmost confidence in CyberStroller’s innovative design. We needed someone who shared our vision for the future and found this at Overfunded”

- Stephen Senior, Founder of CyberStroller
Stephen was introduced to Overfunded by Patrick Byrne, an Ecosystem Manager at Barclays Eagle Labs.
The Journey Towards Investment
Cyberstroller had an ambitious goal of raising funds to enable the production of tooling, prototypes and manufacturing. With designs and patents in place, we needed to convince future investors to buy into the vision of the founding team, bring onboard partners and generate early traction to add weight to the pitch and make it an exciting investment opportunity.

We worked on the project in three stages over the course of nine months.

Stage 1 - The Assessment - we identified our position in the market, strengths and weaknesses and on the back of the assessment created a roadmap.

Stage 2 - Fundraising Assets - Together we developed a pitch deck, visuals, message, and website.

Stage 3 - Investor Outreach - with fundraising assets and traction in place, we ran warm introductions, cold outreach, crowdfunding and showcased Cyberstroller at one of our pitch events.
The Assessment
To kick-off the project, we assessed Cyberstroller’s initial position by running a thorough assessment using our specially adapted 5T framework that examines five areas of your business:
  • Team
  • Technology
  • Timing
  • Terms
  • Traction
This framework gives Overfunded the data it needs to create a detailed plan of action towards investor readiness. Overfunded assessed these five areas of CyberStroller’s business and developed a roadmap to ensure that stage three of our process delivers ample opportunities for investor meetings and prospective investments.
Fundraising Assets
The assessment of the Cyberstroller led to the creation of fundraising assets to sell the vision to investors, partners, and customers.

We developed:
  • Story & Message
  • Branding
  • 3D Renderings of the product
  • Website and Landing Pages
  • Video advertisement
  • Pitch deck
The digital assets and story we developed aligned with the innovative design of the CyberStroller product. In order to achieve this goal, Overfunded employed the use of a luxury-car-style configurator to highlight the different needs of the consumer and the freedom for each customer to personalise the product to their personal needs.

The digital fundraising assets provide added value to the company’s appearance, communicating to investors both the value of the product and the company. Overfunded uses digital fundraising assets to make start-up businesses stand out, instead of blending in with hundreds of other decks investors receive every month.
Investor Outreach

The third step of Overfunded’s Investor Readiness process is the final and most important step towards securing the investment needed to scale up. CyberStroller received an initial round of investment but came to Overfunded to expand its opportunity for more investment. Investor outreach is a challenging stage for most companies, but it can be even more demanding for those in tech hardware. Overfunded went down a number of avenues to help CyberStroller secure the substantial investment it needed, including:
  • Warm introductions to VC’s, Angel Investors and Private Offices
  • Cold Outreach to Investors in the UK and the US.
  • Equity Crowdfunding
Demo Day
As part of our outreach efforts, we invited Cyberstroller to one of our demo days, where their business was introduced to our investor community and start-up ecosystem.

Through this, CyberStroller was able to get additional investment opportunities and accelerate its fundraising efforts.
After Overfunded carried out its assessment, it developed a sleek pitch deck, unique digital assets, facilitated cold outreach and warm introductions, and put CyberStroller on a path towards future investment.

Overfunded outreach to people with a history of investing in innovative tech companies. A selection of them responded enthusiastically and noted their interest in CyberStroller’s game-changing technology that is set to disrupt a stagnant industry. CyberStroller secured £512k worth of investment through our investor outreach service, combining the opportunity provided by both private investors and crowdfunding platforms.

The Overfunded exposure also helped Stephen obtain a board of industry experts from some of the UK’s biggest and most notable tech companies. They were interested in his vision for the future of the stroller industry and support him and his company with its endeavours.

CyberStroller has gone on to secure a global distribution network. It has secured letters of intent for 30k units and is soon set to break into the Chinese market.

In addition, CyberStroller was exhibited at the CES2022 in Las Vegas, where it was voted one of the top 10 start-ups for 2022 by Startup Magazine.
CyberStroller is continuing to innovate and modernise the stroller industry for the next generation of new parents
“Overfunded’s attention to detail brought our vision to life. It’s assessment, quality of deck, digital assets and immense investor network helped us secure our next round of funding to continue with our vision to disrupt the baby stroller industry.
"This project had its challenges. We’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be for tech hardware start-ups to get the investment they need. It can be brutal. The number of investors in the hardware category is minimal. But at Overfunded, it's our job to prepare our clients for investors outreach and then, successfully secure meetings that convert into checks.

We know what it takes to elevate venture investor readiness in the eyes of the investor, and we did just that with CyberStroller. Our work with CyberStroller ultimately led to securing investment, and orders and being listed top 10 start-ups and the featuring at CES 2022.

With our four-step Investor Readiness Process, companies like CyberStroller are set on a path towards substantial investment and many other opportunities beyond that.

It was a pleasure working with Stephen and his team at CyberStroller and playing a key role in securing their seed round.