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What I do

I work side by side with you and your team and help you fundraise effectively, so that you can focus on building your business.

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I work with you and help with your fundraise

Fundraising Assets
Investors Outreach
Pitch Events
NED / Board Advisor


The assessment starts with a two-week discovery process. The key objective of this stage is to identify your business strengths and weaknesses and how investors perceive your business.

The assessment gives us a clear picture of how investors perceive your business in the fundraising process and provides the following steps to maximize your chances of securing the investment.

Fundraising Assets

To begin your funding round and outreach to investors, you'll need to present your idea, the team behind the project and your strategy.

I'll work with you and help deliver all the assets needed to fundraise.
Pitch Deck
Investment Deck
Executive Summary
Business Plan
Financial Model
Product Demo

Investor Outreach

I help you find the right investors for your business. I manage your campaign, and become a long-term partner for your fundraising needs.

Live Events

I organize investment pitch events. These are live-streamed on LinkedIn and attract a large audience of investors, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

I also organize private events with investors where you can get feedback in a private environment.

Here are some recent achievements

Investment raised so far in 2021.
Faster turn around on your your round compared to doing it on your own.
Dan Sodergren

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