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Fundraise Assets

To begin your funding round and outreach to investors, you'll need to present your idea, the team behind the project and your strategy.

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We have won many different awards and thanks to Artur got more investor interest than we ever had before

“The team did a fantastic job of taking our input and creating an engaging end product that defied expectation.”

“We were ecstatic when we saw the website, they took everything on board and created greatness.”

“We started to see positive results immediately after using Inform to create our newest website.”

fundraise assets

Assets you will need to fundraise

I'll work with you and help deliver all the assets needed to fundraise.

Executive Summary
Pitch Deck
Investment Deck
Product Demo
Digital Assets
Business Plan
Financial Model
Data Room

How I build your pitch deck

This UI Kit uses attractive colors and modern typography to make you look good, no matter what business you’re in.
03. first draft

I present you with first draft of your pitch deck. It's again live session where we can make adjustments as we speak.

Fundraise Assets

Fundraise effectively and with impact


Long Deck

Join our live investment pitch events.