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Pitch Events

Join my live events, receive feedback from Investors and Entrepreneurs and get exposed to more than 10,000 people.

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“Thanks to Artur we received valuable feedback from investors, landed new clients, and attracted new partnerships following the event”

“The team did a fantastic job of taking our input and creating an engaging end product that defied expectation.”

“We were ecstatic when we saw the website, they took everything on board and created greatness.”

“We started to see positive results immediately after using Inform to create our newest website.”

investment pitch events

How does it work?

I organize investment pitch events. These are live-streamed on LinkedIn and attract a large audience of investors, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

I also organize private events with investors where you can get feedback in a private environment.

Live Events streamed on LinkedIn
Investors and decision-makers in the room
Exposure to large audience
Highly accessible for the audience
Invite-only Investor Pitch Events

How I build your pitch deck

This UI Kit uses attractive colors and modern typography to make you look good, no matter what business you’re in.
01. Discovery and understanding

Choose from tons of handcrafted interface sections and create your perfect page.

02. outline and flow

Live session where we design the flow of your pitch.

03. first draft

I present you with first draft of your pitch deck. It's again live session where we can make adjustments as we speak.

04. second refined deck

Change the style of components using the neatly arranged UI Kit.

05. "final" presentation

There's never such thing like final version of your pitchdeck. But that's where you can take over.

06. second refined deck

I give you quick training, and access to files. You can create multiple versions of your deck depending on the type of the presentation.

Fundraise Assets

Fundraise effectively and with impact


Long Deck

Join our live investment pitch events.