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Investors Outreach

I help you find the right investors for your business. I manage your campaign, and become a long-term partner for your fundraising needs.

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“Amazing consistency and commitment from Artur, he's been chasing investors for us, so we can focus on our business”

“The team did a fantastic job of taking our input and creating an engaging end product that defied expectation.”

“We were ecstatic when we saw the website, they took everything on board and created greatness.”

“We started to see positive results immediately after using Inform to create our newest website.”

investors outreach

How does it work?

I collaborate with your team, develop your investors pipeline, and manage the whole campaign for you.

Warm Introductions
Strategic Cold Outreach
Managed multi-platform campaigns
Data Room Management

Fundraise Assets

All document and frameworks you need


Pitch Events

Join our live investment pitch events.