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NED and Board Member

I bring specialist technology expertise and valuable insights for your business and product, making your business more investable.

I delivered world class products & services
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Why I join companies as NED / Board?

The strength of the managerial team is one of the most critical aspects of a fundraising campaign. Investors want to see strong technology, marketing and business people capable of shaping and delivering company vision.

I join teams in a Non-Executive capacity to accelerate growth, enable opportunities, and increase the chances of a successful fundraiser.

Who I am?

I have a experience building and shipping software and hardware products to global markets.

Ex-CTO of Publicly listed company Immotion Group Plc.
8+ Years in Product & Engineering roles at Jaguar Land Rover, 3DExcite part of Dassault Systemes and more.
Founder of two successful businesses. VirtualSpeech and Virocast.

Most common Questions

What type of businesses do you work with?
I work with two types of businesses:

Early-Stage / which look to secure their next round of funding and need to add technology & fundraise expertise to their arsenal.

Established Organizations / I work with larger organizations that introduce innovation within software or/and hardware to their portfolio and need support in various aspects of the business.
What's your time commitment in the Non-Executive Roles? 
This usually range from 2 - 4 days a month.
What is the cost associated with you joining our venture?
This depends on the stage of the business, time commitment, responsibilities and required legal work. Please get in touch to discuss in more detail.
With how many companies do you work with in Non-Executive role right now?
Currently I'm NED at two companies and look to add two more businesses to my portfolio.
Can we add you to our pitch, if we engage on any of your services/products?
The simple answer is no. I'm very careful about joining teams because of the large number of businesses I support with the fundraiser.
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