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Get your Investor Readiness Report and discover how to make investors compete for your business.
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Why is it important to know your Investor Readiness Score?

A clearer picture
Having your own Investor Readiness Report provides you with a clear view of how investors perceive you in the application and pitch process.
Know where you stand
Avoid the shock of being rejected by investors, understand your chances of success before you pitch.
Access to Angels and VCs
As you improve your score, you can significantly increase the probability of getting access to high profile investment networks; including ours.

Your Investment Readiness Report
& so much more

Whether you are at the idea stage or in the process of raising funds, our report will clarify how to make investors compete for your business and in turn, reduce the number of rejections.


Our bespoke reports are built individually and tailored to your business. Our assessment objectively breaks down your business into six categories from an investor’s perspective. 

The report consists of 40+ pages and differs depending on your business model, vertical, and investment stage.



We examine your business in correlation to six core practical ‘pillars’ that are important for investors. 

By assessing each pillar of your business through a series of questions and data points, we can provide you with a greater understanding of your business. 

You will receive a productive detailed breakdown of your company, based on six pillars of the business that research and our own experience are critical drivers in making investors’ decisions



The coherent framework we developed increases the ease of identifying quick wins and boosts your business’s attractiveness.

We will provide you with a list of actions for each category to increase your score and make your business more investable.


We’re here
to help

Assessment seats at the core of projects we undertake with our customer. It provides founders with clarity and steps we need to take to attract investors.

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Pricing for every stage of growth

Whether you are working on your idea or getting ready for Series A, the below packages are tailored to your current needs.


Ideal for individuals or teams pre-traction.
per Assessment
Investor Readiness Report
Information Asymmetry Assessment
Listing on the Investor Portal
Pitch Event*
book a call


Ideal for teams with product, traction and revenues.
Everything in Start-up plus:
Business Valuation
1 month after delivery support
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For organisations requiring larger amounts of assessments tailored to their needs.
Company Portal
Custom Algorithm(s)
Custom Fields
Data Analytics
Progress tracking & Reporting
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*I offer introductions to Angels and VCs for businesses with a score exceeding 800 points.
Frequently asked questions

Not sure about the purchase

What if I don't need the investor readiness assessment? can we still work together?

Every project we take on, focusing on Investor Readiness requires initial assessment; this saves our time and yours long-term, it allows our team to be more precise and effective whilst raising funds. 
Our process is simple but powerful:

Assess the current situation - In-depth assessment of your venture. 

Boost Investor Readiness Level - Identification and listing of items that need improvement.

Apply - We work closely with our clients to improve their investor readiness and make their fundraising success. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to book a call.
What if I have a low Investor Readiness score?
The purpose of the assessment is to identify your likelihood of success with the fundraising. Your score reflects your business’s current state and gives an excellent indication of things that you need to improve on if you want investors to compete for your business. 

With your report, you will receive an actionable list and advice on boosting your score thus boosting your likeness of success.

How long does the report take?
5 - 10 Working Days
Are the reports auto-generated?
Each assessment is bespoke and manually generated by professionals with strong C-Level background in product and finance.