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Pitch Deck Development

Investors see thousands of pitch presentations a year - having a good pitch deck can make or break your startup. I help you to stand out from the crowd and get meeting with investors.

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" The product we've developed is a complex AI platform for wearables, with plans to turn it into an engine for all smart data.

This information was difficult to present on a few slides in a short format. But, with Artur's experience, we were able to craft messages and visuals around what investors care about.

And the results were just outstanding"
Saeid Jamali
Founder @ Intellithing
Pitch deck

More than design

Good pitch decks are not only visually pleasing.
They tell the story of founders, product, and all the information necessary for investors to get first meeting in your calendar.

As we work together, we help you shape your message, show your product in context, and tell the story that captures investors' interest.

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Inform bends to your brand with ease.

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