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Who I am

Ex-CTO of publicly listed company, with startup and corporate background - specializing in fundraising for early-stage companies and organizations.
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My background

I was fortunate to work with some of the most recognizable brands and talented people in the software and hardware world.

I delivered world-class solutions.

I began my career with 3DExcite, part of Dassault Systemes as a delivery team member for premium car brands. We delivered amazing real-time and offline car configurators and PoS systems.

I joined Jaguar Land Rover as an Engineer and later as a Solutions Architect to lead projects within Virtual Innovation Centre for five years.

I engaged and collaborated on some great projects with companies such as Boeing, Tesla, NASA, spoke at many conferences in Europe and the US, which led to building a great network of experts in the innovation space.

Building software and hardware businesses

After many years in a corporate environment, I used my skills and experience to build and contribute to new businesses and grow them into global leaders in their respective industries.
Due to many public speaking events, I developed a virtual reality public speaking simulator, which is now the industry standard for this type of training with over 300.000 users globally.
Using my experience from Jaguar Land Rover, I invested and co-developed a manufacturing facility in Poland, specializing in high-precision die casting in aluminum and zinc, currently delivering a large volume of components for various industries.

In 2017, I joined Immotion as their CTO, which within two years experienced rapid growth and got listed on the London Stock Market.

Fundraising consulting

In 2019 I started consulting on fundraising based on my own experience, initially for a few friends, and after seeing great results, I decided to turn this into a business.

At Overfunded, I offer investor readiness service.

It's still a very young business, but it's already disturbing the industry with its first-class investor readiness assessment.

Based on 150+ data points, compared with extensive data set from 16 countries, estimates the chances of a successful fundraiser.

Following the report, I design development sprints, run introductions with investors, build and manage investment pipelines.

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Artur Grzybowski

Managing Director
Iā€™m an ex-CTO of a publicly listed company Immotion Group Plc. I have experience working within large organizations such as Jaguar Land Rover, Dassault Systemes/3DExcite and developed multiple businesses, including VirtualSpeech, Virocast.
At Overfunded, I use my business and product expertise to help you secure your next round of funding.

ā€œOne of the most impressive things about Artur and his team is their clarity of thought - and the fact that they had really high expectations of what we, their client, could achieve.ā€

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