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Who we are

Team with first hand experience of growing businesses from Seed to IPO. We help you to get in front of right investors.

Your Strategic Fundraising partner

We have first-hand experience growing companies from seed to IPO. We understand the investment landscape and have a credible team to assist with your fundraising efforts.

Our team consits of CTOs, financial, legal experts, and professional fundraisers to help some of the world's most ambitious entrepreneurs grow their ideas into world-changing businesses.

Artur Grzybowski

Managing Director
Artur is an ex-CTO of a publicly listed company Immotion Group Plc. Have experience working within large organizations such as Jaguar Land Rover, Dassault Systemes/3DExcite and developed & invested in multiple businesses, including VirtualSpeech, Virocast.

At Overfunded, he uses his business and product expertise to lead investors' outreach and provide founders with guidance on increasing investability of their ventures.

Artur is also an Innovation Director at Oxford Innovation, where he connects founders with opportunities, conducts introductions, and provides direct business support.
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One of the most impressive things about Artur and his team is their clarity of thought - and the fact that they had really high expectations of what we, their client, could achieve.

benjamin findlay
CEO at